How To: Build with wild cards in GREP using InDesign CS4

Build with wild cards in GREP using InDesign CS4

This Lynda tutorial goes over the various GREP meta characters that can be found in InDesign CS4. These characters describe a variety of things, including specific characters, how often characters may repeat in a text document, location, or conditions to searches (for words or characters within a text). The meta characters outlined in this tutorial can be found in the special characters menu of InDesign, the first grouping of which are called the wild cards. To find this group, you will need to click on Body Text and go to the GREP style area, which allows you to preview the results of GREP expressions as they are being developed. The wild cards include any digit, any letter, any character (the broadest of the wild cards), any white space, any word character, any uppercase letter, and any lowercase letter. To get a full understanding of the wild cards GREP meta characters grouping and what they allow you to do in the context of a text document, follow this video tutorial.

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